2 burner bbq 

2 Burner HEAT BBQ

HEAT 2 burner gas bbq is all about intelligent design, conveying the attitude that brilliance isn’t about being physically large, but more to do with optimising utility from a modest amount of space. The 2 burner does this better than any other barbecue because, quite frankly, it’s been designed not just produced. The integrated rotating lid doesn’t flip in to the space behind the barbecue, but disappears discretely in to the grill body. The cooking grill is border-stretched, so the footprint of the barbecue is virtually the same size as its functioning grill, demonstrating that a large cooking surface doesn’t require a cumbersome barbecue. When not in use, stow the side tables within the storage bay to make the barbecue compact and non-invasive. If you’re looking for brilliance and refinement in a barbecue, your search ends here.